loser coin

A poor young man from a fourth-tier city in China invited another poor programmer to jointly launch the loser coin project, the token lowb. The two came into contact with BTC in 17 years and entered the currency circle. This project was established with a zero mentality. On the day of the project’s launch, the two people took out all their savings to add a liquidity pool. The project promised not to protect the market (mainly lacking strength) and not to run away (no private equity public offering, all tokens were airdrops and Add liquidity, the project party does not leave any tokens)

The following is the project details:

Contract address: 0x843D4a358471547f51534e3e51fae91cb4Dc3F28

Pancakeswap exchange: exchange

Loserswap farms: farms

Loserswap pools: pools

Total amount of tokens: 100000000000

Distribution form: 20 billion airdrops, 20 billion liquid mining pools, 50 billion lowbswap liquid mining in the later stage, and 10 billion don’t know how to deal with it.

Official address:

Telegram chat:

Telegram chat_english:

Telegram channel:

Twitter account:

The project team is working hard to make money, and strive to launch the following functions as soon as possible:

1. lowbswap

2. Lowbnft auction

3. Lowb one-yuan purchase lottery

Wait, try to make the lowb in everyone's hands more or less entertaining (because I don't speak English, all of them are translated by Google, please forgive me if there are any errors)